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Professor Vernon L. Smith - Nobel Laureate in Economics -
during his Keynote Address
at our 2011 Annual Meeting at UCLA.

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz - Nobel Laureate in Economics - Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Annual Meeting at NYU-Poly; New York City, September 18-21, 2012.

The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics

Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2012

Table of Contents
Cover page






The Effect of Nonconscious Goals on
Investor Choice

Colleen P. Kirk, Bernard McSherry


Page 1

Market Reaction to an Earnings Shock:
A Test of the Conservatism Effect

Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani


Page 14

To Whom and Where the Hill Becomes Difficult
to Climb: Effects of Personality and Cognitive
Capacity in Experimental DA Markets

Shu-Heng Chen, Umberto Gostoli, Chung-Ching Tai,
Kuo-Chuan Shih


Page 41

Transpersonal Practices for Personal
Wealth Management

Renée M. Snow, Ph.D., Larry R. Taylor


Page 76

A Sweetheart of a Deal: How People get Hooked
and Reeled In by Financial Scams

Deborah W. Gregory, Bistra Nikiforova


Page 96