Behavioral Finance Consortium – 2021
Behavioral Finance Theory
Pre-Conference; Wednesday; September 22, 2021
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Call/Invitation to Submit
Submission Deadline: July 11, 2021

CONFERENCE PLATFORM. At this point our plan is to offer an In-Person conference; but we will also offer enough Virtual presentations to accommodate colleagues who can not attend for any reason; especially for Covid-19 reasons.

After the very successful launch of our Behavioral-Finance-Theory-Only Pre-Conference Event held along with our 2019 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics in New York City, we are offering the same opportunity with the same format to interested colleagues and researchers across the globe.

The frank and informal talks at our last gathering in NYC attended by around 20 colleagues from across the world showed that we are very close to have a testable Prospect-Theory-Based RISK & DECISION MAKING MODEL in our finance discipline; a challenge that remains at the core of our now 14-Years-Old Academy. We believe it is time to totally move away from a basically “Anomaly-Minded” financial research mindset and build upon the well accepted real-life Prospect Theory.

This informal and Invitation-Only Pre-Conference is a separate event at our 2021 Annual Meeting and is held at a more casual and different location in Los Angeles than the main Conference’s location.


SUBMISSION OF PAPERS and ABSTRACTS for Presentation. To submit your completed paper, detailed abstract, simply click on the following URL and follow the related instructions.

The submission fee is $65.00 but No Registration Fee; see below please. To submit, click here:

Submission Deadline is July 11, 2021. Early Submission is Encouraged. Notifications of results especially for this event will be emailed to all respondents in three (3) weeks from the date of submission. A Note on Registration Fee Once a Proposal is Accepted: We will NOT charge any Registration Fee for this event; however if you decide to also attend the main/full conference as planned, the related Registration Fee would apply. For more information on the main conference you may visit: