The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics JBF&E

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2011

Table of Contents

Cover page
Investor Behavior and Economic Cycles: The Impact of Human Biases and Cognitive Limitations on Economic Booms and Busts
Beryl Y. Chang, Vernon Gerety
Page 1
Metanoia and the Market
Philip Z. Maymin
Page 27
Investor Type, Cognitive Governance and Performance in Young Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Conceptual Framework
Christophe Bonnet, Peter Wirtz
Page 43
Microfinance Malaise: How Behavioral Economics Informs an Understanding of U.S. Microlending
Caroline Glackin
Page 65
Prospect Theory and Gain-Framing: The Relationship between Cost Perception and Satisfaction
Joann Fredrickson
Page 89
2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics
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Advances in Entrepreneurial Finance: With Applications from Behavioral Finance & Economics
2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance