The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics JBF&E

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Cover page
Lottery Jackpots: Selecting the Rational Payout in the Face of Irrationality
Edward A. Dyl, Deborah W. Gregory
Page 1
Rational vs. Heuristic Motives: What Matters When Redeeming the Pledge?
Kristiano Raccanello, Enrique Reig, Jayant Anand, Adriana Mantilla Anota
Page 17
Pricing of Skewness in Emerging Markets
Dmitry Shapiro, Cinder Xinde Zhang
Page 43
The Psychology Behind Why UnderwaterInvestment Properties Are Not Listed for Sale
Michael J. Seiler, Mark A. Lane, Vicky L. Seiler
Page 60
Value Premium and Investor Sentiment
Ding Du
Page 84
AppendixPage 98