The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics JBF&E

Volume 3, Issue 2, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Cover page
Operationalizing a Behavioral-Finance Risk Model: A Theoretical and Empirical Framework
Rassoul Yazdipour, William P. Neace
Page 1
Asset Pricing Theory in Light of Ellsberg Paradox
Peter B. Lerner
Page 25
Trapped by Wisdom: How Non-Overestimating Leads To Underuse
Sílvia Bou Ysàs, Jordi Brandts Bernad, Magda Cayón Costa
Page 43
Measuring the Social Responsibility Discount for the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Benefit Corporations
Craig R. Everett
Page 55

The Program for the Fifth Annual Meeting of the
Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics
Page 76